Are we ready security -wise to ditch the office?

Here’s an article I shared on linkedIn some time ago – it spurred some interesting discussion about how digital transformation is changing the way we work and how we look at attendance. A key question not discussed in that piece is “are people able of protecting corporate data and intellectual property when the social fabric of the physical office is dismantled? I’d love to hear your thoughts about that!

Technically we can work from anywhere – but are people able to maintain the necessary level of information security? 

Excerpt: Telecommuting has been a thing for some years. It works well for some, and not at all for others. Technology has come a long way, and it should now be possible to interact and work remotely for most types of “knowledge work”. In spite of this, we just can’t make it really work. More often than not, when trying to have a video conference at work, we spend 20-25 minutes to set the meeting up and make everything work. Usually because someone at the other end doesn’t know how to use his or her equipment. Clearly, technology is not enough by itself, it is necessary for people to learn how to use it. And, unfortunately, “professional” communication equipment has extremely bad UX design. Compare a top-of-the-line conferencing set up with Skype or Google Hangouts – there is a real difference in ease of use, and the feel of the whole thing.

Read the rest of the article on LinkedIn: Do we need physical attendance at work?

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