Do SCADA vulnerabilities matter?

Sometimes we talk to people who are responsible for operating distributed control systems. These are sometimes linked up to remote access solutions for a variety of reasons. Still, the same people do often not understand that vulnerabilities are still found for mature systems, and they often fail to take the typically simple actions needed to safeguard their systems.

For example, a new vulnerability was recently discovered for the Siemens Simatic CP 343-1 family. Siemens has published a description of the vulnerability, together with a firmware update to fix the problem: see for details.

So, are there any CP 343’s facing the internet? A quick trip to Shodan shows that, yes, indeed, there are lots of them. Everywhere, more or less.


Now, if you did have a look at the Siemens site, you see that the patch was available from release date of the vulnerability, 27 November 2015. What then, is the average update time for patches in a control system environment? There are no patch Tuesdays. In practice, such systems are patched somewhere from monthly to never, with a bias towards never. That means that the bad guys have lots of opportunities for exploiting your systems before a patch is deployed.

This simple example reinforces that we should stick to the basics:

  • Know the threat landscape and your barriers
  • Use architectures that protect your vulnerable systems
  • Do not use remote access where is not needed
  • Reward good security behaviors and sanction bad attitudes with employees
  • Create a risk mitigation plan based on the threat landscape and stick to it practice too


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