Is technical competence king in detecting phishing?

Human factors researchers have taken interest in cyber security. This is good, because we need to think about most attacks in terms of both technology and psychology on both sides of the fence. Phishing emails is the most common initial attack strategy used in targeted attacks. It is therefore important to make your people able to avoid such deception. 


Understanding the difference between gold and trash is the main way to avoid phishing
A recent paper in the August issue of “Human Factors” by Proctor and Chen discusses decision making in detection of phishing. A key factor found by researchers is that a mismatch between cues in a phishing email and the expectations the recipients have is crucial to detecting a phishing attempt. Such cues are typically technology related such as strange URL’s, errors in corporate identity, slight misuse of terminology. It may this be questioned if awareness training by itself is an effective mitigation element – people need to know their domains well too, as well as what to expect of URL’s and technology solutions from emails and web sites. 

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