I’m Håkon. I write about cybersecurity, cloud computing, software and risk management. You can also find some of my content on dzone.com – syndicated from this blog.

The author in his natural habitat

What do I care about?

I am a trust and humanity enthusiast. I like technology that is secure, and I like technology and organizations that respect human rights – such as privacy rights under the GDPR.

This is why I founded Cybehave together with a great team – to build innovative solutions to make it easy to solve hard problems in cybersecurity risk management and privacy management. Our products include solutions for awareness training, social engineering simulation (eLearning and PhishingBot), business process cyber threat modeling (RiskTool) and management of privacy requests under the GDPR (PrivacyBox).

Cybehave also has its own blog, I recommend you follow it here: https://cybehave.no/blog.

A very brief and selective CV

If you want details you can look me up on LinkedIn. Connect with me if you want to.

  • MSc in process-systems engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2006)
  • Exchange student TU Berlin, German (2004-05)
  • Research fellow NTNU, with two guest scholar visits to the University of Minnesota during that time, 2006-2010
  • Risk management consulting at LR from 2010-2017. National business development manager from 2016-2017.
  • Security engineer at Sportradar from 2017, working on application security and security culture.
  • Founder Cybehave AS 2017

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